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Pure Heart
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Pure Hemp
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Health & Wellbeing with Delicious & Nutritious
Hemp Foods NZ

Discover the power of Pure Heart Aotearoa and experience the benefits of hemp-based nutrition for your health and wellbeing. Our delicious hemp foods are loaded with nutrition and include hemp hearts, hemp oil and hemp protein - all convenient and easy to prepare.


Take your health to the next level with Pure Heart Aotearoa!




Great For Arthritic Pain

"I was put on to these marvelous products that are so great for relieving the arthritic pain in my hands. When I was not taking Pure Heart Oil I could not get close to clenching a fist but once I started on your product I can easily clench both fists pain free. Thank you for your amazing product".

G. Harris, Southland NZ


Best On The Market!

"Best organic hemp products available.
Beautiful clean hemp hearts and the hulled hemp seed oil is the best on the market".

J. Harold, Manawatu NZ

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