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What makes our products unique?

Pure Heart Aotearoa is proud to be the only New Zealand retailer which holds organic hemp seed oil pressed from the HEART of the hemp seed. If you are not familiar with hemp food then you may be wondering why this is so significant... allow us to explain!

First, lets briefly describe hemp seeds. The raw, whole hemp seeds which we harvest from the plants are brown and have a hard outer shell. The whole seeds can be seen in the image below.

Whole hemp seed

The hard shells on the outside of the seed protect the soft, nutritious hemp heart within!. The hemp hearts (shown in the image below) are high in nutrition and have a delicious, nutty, creamy taste and texture.

Hemp Hearts

Typically, producers press the whole hemp seed (with the brown shell) to extract the hemp seed oil. Pure Heart Aotearoa's hemp seed oil is unique because we only press the oil from the heart of the seed! This is why we call our oil 'Hemp heart oil', it is also the inspiration behind our company name, Pure Heart Aotearoa.

So, what is so significant about pressing oil from a hemp heart instead of the whole seed?. See for yourself!

Our golden Hemp Heart oil on the left, Competitor's green hemp seed oil on the right.

Pressing our oil from the heart of the seed clearly produces an oil with a golden colour, unlike the oil pressed from the whole seed which produces a green oil. But is that the only difference? Of course not!

Our golden hemp heart oil has a noticeably smoother taste compared to other hemp seed oils!

This is because whole hemp seeds contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes a plant green and enables plants to get their energy from the sun. Unfortunately, chlorophyll is also very bitter and this translates into the hemp seed oil. Try our hemp heart oil today and taste the difference for yourself!

Now you know why our hemp heart oil is so good! But did you know that our protein powder is also unique?... When we press oil from the hemp heart, we are left with a seed cake which we mill into protein powder. Pure Heart Aotearoa's hemp protein powder contains a whopping 70% protein content!. Furthermore, our protein powder doesn't contain the hard shells that other producers contain. This lack of hard hemp shell means that our protein powder mixes smoother with less 'bits' floating in it. This is again, because we do not use the whole seed when producing our products.

We only use the pure hemp hearts! providing you, the consumer with only the good stuff!

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